Pabst Brewing Co


I've never had it. I don't know anyone who's had it. However, a friend of mine from college, Dr. Matt Smith (yes, he's a real doctor...which is funny considering I've seen him so drunk he could barely stand), once stole a six pack of this from the back of a neighbor's pickup back home in Blytheville, Ark. The smell that eminated from the can was so awful, so disgusting, that these 2 intrepid college students returned the rest of the six pack to its rightful owner, without drinking any of it. That's right. 2 college students with barely enough money for gas, in a town rampant with alcoholics that would drink Sterno to get a good buzz (sounds like a good country song), returned a stolen six pack of this stuff. And this is a guy who works in Infectious Diseases at St Judes in Memphis (you're a better man than anyone I know, Matt). You'd think he could handle a beer. Well, that pretty much told me all I needed to know about this beer. Which is why, instead of reviewing it, I'm telling this story. I'll let our readers rate this one. I know Matt's score is zero. And folks.... I've been to's worth it to spend your visit drunk, and they still chose to remain sober instead of drinking Stag. That should tell us all something.

Reviewed: November 30, 2002

Rating: 0/10

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