Curim Gold Celtic Wheat Beer

Carlow Brewing Co


I regret to say that I don't have much of a review. This was a completely unremarkable beer, so much so that I forgot all of its characteristics within minutes after drinking it. Thus, it couldn't have been all that great. It wasn't bad, I can tell you that much. I didn't view each sip with apprehension like some beers. It's much like waiting on line for a ride at Six Flags. If I'm waiting for more than 90 minutes, it damn well better be good. Well, I paid Scream Machine money and got the Runaway Train. I guess it had a wheat beer flavor. I also guess I could've gotten a couple 40's of Miller High Life for the same price and had more to write about.

Reviewed: December 09, 2002

Rating: 4/10

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