XXXX Bitter

Castlemaine Brewery


Pronounced "fourex", this is the beer of choice in Australia's sunshine state of Queensland. And Queenslanders are proud of their beer. How about the beer itself? I did enjoy it. It is a lager moreso than what the English would call a "bitter". The difference being that the aussie "bitter" is in fact a bottom-fermented lager, where as the english "bitter" is a top-fermented ale. It's got a nice gold colour to it and is quite crisp in taste with a slight fruity flavour. One could see how this would hit the spot on a hot humid Queensland day. Went nicely with seafood, and even sushi. I think this would be a great bbq beer. North Americans will find this a step above most domestics of this type. It's definitely better than Foster's also (I guess they send us the swill that nobody at home will drink). But I don't get carried away over this beer.

Reviewed: December 14, 2002

Rating: 6/10

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