Dogwood Octoberfest

Dogwood Brewing Co


I think paradox is the right way to explain this beer. Kind of like Jaguars having crappy engines, but man are they a sweet-ass ride. Or Theo Fleury being a Hall-of-Fame winger, when he's not a drunken bum. What am I getting at? Well, the taste of this beer was simply awesome. Rich, malty, sweet flavored, a good-tasting Octoberfest. However, it had a smell that I had to get my wife's opinion on, and she described it this way, in her words: "It smells like my Uncle Stinky's (AKA Uncle Dwight) beer farts after a case of Pabst and Grandma Rosie's Easter ham & sauerkraut." So, if you want a good tasting Märzen for this season, try this. However, if the idea of a Wisconsin Pabst Beer Fart unsettles you, then you might want to consider something else.

Reviewed: December 21, 2002

Rating: 6/10

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