Pronounced mo-zit, this was my first foray into Quebec beer. I'd seen it in the liquor store with all the french on the boxes and bottles, and well I'd stayed away. No more, not if all Quebec beer is like this! Apparently Unibroue is constantly rated as one of the world's top 10 breweries and it shows. This beer is unique and tastes good. It's a yeast base fermented beer. Meaning that it ferments in the bottle. You could age it and the taste would get stronger. But if you drink it young you won't be disappointed. It has a mahogany colour and quite a rich and complex taste. Fairly spicy, coriande and such. At 8% alcohol it releases a warmth that is perfect for a cold winter's night. It should be served cool not cold. The name "maudite" means "the damned one" and has something to do with a flying canoe. Apparently there's a Quebec legend about some lumberjacks who struck a deal with the devil to fly home for Christmas in a canoe, guided by Satan himself. The bottle itself is kind of cool. It's 750 ml and has a cork on top that pops off as soon as you loosen it. The contents of the bottle under pressure. Anyway this is one of those beers that is a real gem if you appreciate craft brewing in the continental brewing style. Kind of an anomoly here in North America, but then so is Quebec as a whole.

Reviewed: December 25, 2002

Rating: 9/10

Ahh, the famed Flying Canoe beer. You know a beer is going to totally F you up when it conjures images of alcohol-induced hallucinations, and at 8% abv, it delivers like a flying canoe bringing a bunch of F'd up lumberjacks. Unlike Tim, I bought a 4-pack of 12 oz bottles, so I could spread the love over a period of time. Maybe even share one with Kris so that he can badmouth this beer. You see, it's brewed much like a Belgian dubbel, therefore Kris would hate it. Anyway, I recommend downing a couple of these, climbing into a canoe, and enjoying the cold weather with a Maudite. Freakin' Canadians, what will they think of next?

Reviewed: January 15, 2005

Rating: 8/10

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