Tetley's English Ale

Carlsberg-Tetley Brewing Ltd


Sure it seems a little off putting to be drinking a beer that shares the same name as a popular brand of tea. But give it a try anyway and you'll wonder why you ever put off trying this beer. Malted barley, selected hops, and incredibly creamy. Nothing different or surprising about this English ale. Just that it's real good. If you've got a taste for ales you'll enjoy this one a lot. Maybe not as stiff tasting as some, but I don't know that I'd call it the smoothest ale I've tasted either. It's a good balance.

Reviewed: January 25, 2003

Rating: 8/10

Certain beers leave me with a certain ideal as to what I'd like to be doing while drinking that beer. Paulaner makes me want to be at Munich's Oktoberfest. Molson, drinking at the Meadowlands before a Devils game. With Old Style, I'm getting plowed at a Wisconsin wedding, doing the Chicken Dance. With this, I think of relaxing in a pub with my friends, kicking it back with a pint. This ale comes in a 440 mL can, with one of those "pub draught" balls (Tetley's calls it Draught Smoothflow). This pours like a Guinness, very smooth. It has a nice creamy texture, smooth taste, balanced bitter taste, and a beautiful red color. When drinking this, I was picturing being on the set of "Coupling," a British comedy (and one of my favorite TV shows) that they show on our PBS station. My long-winded point is, any beer that carries you off into an ideal situation is definitely doing its job. This isn't a beer, it's a drinking experience.

Reviewed: October 04, 2003

Rating: 8/10

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