Boddington's Pub Ale

Strangeways Brewery


When you pour this beer you get a pale gold color with a creamy head. When you taste it you get a smooth drinking ale with an excellent taste. There's no carbonation or gassiness to this beer at all which is wonderful. The taste isn't that different from most English ales except that it is so smooth. The aftertaste is there but not as stiff as you would expect. Which to me makes this one of the best English ales to drink. It's also one of the few that doesn't necessarily seem perfect with breakfast food. I've had it on tap a few places and been disappointed. Perhaps it doesn't travel well. But the can has some "ingenious draught flow system" and it does seem to do the trick. Every time I buy it in the can it tastes excellent.

Reviewed: February 01, 2003

Rating: 7/10

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