Sweetwater Exodus Porter

Sweetwater Brewing Co


This is from one of Atlanta's hometown breweries, and based on the fact they have to rent a U-Haul to bring back all their awards from various beer festivals, logic would say it's Atlanta's best. After trying this, I'm not sure I can argue without sounding like an ass (like whenever I say I'm a Mets fan). I got ragged on by several co-workers when I brought this back to the table, but it was worth it. Dark like motor oil, thick like a delicious black bread, slightly sweet, with a balanced hoppy finish, I might have to get a six pack or two to carry me through winter this year. I've always decided against getting Sweetwater ales from the store because I'm always reluctant to try a six pack in case it sucks, but this sample has made me adventurous.

Reviewed: February 22, 2003

Rating: 8/10

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