Michelob Ultra



Not the worst beer I've ever had. I was actually a little surprised, thoroughly expecting it to suck. Not as good as regular Michelob--which already isn't that great--but definitely better than Michelob light, which stinks on ice. The Ultra has a strange slightly sour taste that takes some getting used to, but all in all it wasn't terrible. If I was at a party, and Budweiser or Michelob Ultra was on ice, I'd probably head for the Ultra.

Reviewed: May 24, 2003

Rating: 2/10

Oh God. Where do I start? First of all, I'm not sure I can call this beer. Flavored water? That too might be misleading, since the flavor was horrible. The Germans have a good word for that..."Schrechlich." Since that sounds worse than horrible, let's go with that. The waiter at Ruby Tuesday's read this off the beer menu, so I figured this was finally my chance to try this without buying a whole six pack. I told the waiter that it was in the interest of science, and morbid curiosity, so that he wouldn't think less of me (he later referred to this as a chick drink...I agreed with him). Anyway, as I was pouring this into the glass, it looked clear. In the glass, it was VERY light colored, it had no discernable body whatsoever. The flavor was extremely watery. I'm convinced that this is low-carb because they pour out 2/3 of a regular Michelob and replace it with water. All in all, not too bad. Ahh, who am I kidding. This sucked. This is to beer like Monica Lewinsky is to White House interns. If you need a beer this bad, stay off the Atkins Diet. Otherwise, don't even bother drinking beer. Of course, once could argue that with Michelob Ultra, you don't have that problem (dinking beer, that is). Their radio slogan is "Lose the carbs, not the taste." I have a better one... "lose the carbs…and your dignity."

Reviewed: August 30, 2003

Rating: 0/10

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