Old Stock Ale

North Coast Brewing Co


This is a big beer. It's malty and sweet, but with a nice balance of bittering. Their website lists "Maris pale malt and Fuggle hops" imported from England. The taste and color definitely make you think of an English Nut Brown Ale. But it has a better bite. And at 11% ABV, it's got a hell of a kick, too, Without tasting like swill (unlinke Molson's XXX abomination). Their website even mentions that this beer ages well, and they recommend cellaring it up to a year. I may try storing some, and re-checking it in the future. Don't drink this beer with food. This is an after-dinner drink, meant to be savored. It was so damned good, I'm going to do something uncharacteristic: save the last two for a later date...

Reviewed: June 21, 2003

Rating: 8/10

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