Shiner Bock

Spoetzl Brewing Co


We actually had a keg of this at our wedding. It's a serviceable beer, but I think calling it a true bock is a stretch. It tastes to me like it's been cut with something to cut cost corners. If it's your first beer of the night, and your expectations aren't too high, then have at it. But if you've had real German (or even well put-together American) bocks, then skip this one. Yeah, I know, Texans who drink this because they think they're above the Big Three swill will probably take issue with this review. Put your concealed weapon back in your holster, take a deep breath, and ask yourself: "What would Dubya drink?" Probably not this wasted effort.

Reviewed: August 23, 2003

Rating: 4/10

This is the flagship Shiner beer, based on the fact that this is the one you see most often in stores, and heard about in passing. I had a pint of it on tap, and I have to say I wasn't impressed. Maybe because Joe's Crab Shack served it in a pint glass. Maybe if I had it in a pilsner glass it would've been better, but I don't think so. It was not a bad beer. I stress, it was NOT bad. However, it wasn't bock-like, except for maybe the coloring. It lasted like nothing more than a basic lager (which a bock is, but more malty, with heavier flavors). Bock's are one of my favorite styles, so to get a good rating it needs to make me want another. After drinking this, I felt like, "OK, I finally tried Shiner Bock, I can now scratch it off my list." I'd drink this again, if it was cheap or free.

Reviewed: September 27, 2003

Rating: 4/10

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