Sweetwater Blue

Sweetwater Brewing Co


Oh my God, sweet Jesus this beer is awesome. It is a perfect summer ale. Before drinking, take a big ol' whiff of this. Smell that? That's right, IHOP's blueberry pancakes. I never would've thought that I'd enjoy that smell in a beer, but I do. I swear, it smells like blueberry pancakes. The taste is also quite reminiscent of blueberries as well, but not the pancakey taste. This might have to become one of my regulars, but I think I'd probably become bored with it, so I better be careful. However, I will STRONGLY recommend it to all of you. This is a regional brewery out of Atlanta, so good luck finding it. If you doubt my endorsement, please check out the latest results from the GABF. Sweetwater walked away with a couple nice awards, so there is a winning pedigree behind this brewery. This goes well with pizza. Fortunately, Marietta Pizza Co keeps this on tap, so it's a nice combination.

Reviewed: August 30, 2003

Rating: 7/10

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