Ursus Premium

S.C. Ursus S.A., Cluj-Napoca Romania


Just so you know, this is getting a higher review than it deserves because it is an eastern European beer that did not suck (not counting Czech beers, which are always good). Ursus is Romanian for Bear. There, that's your Romanian lesson for today. This was a light, crisp tasting "premium" lager (i.e. mass-produced, cheaply made) that is somewhat refreshing. Unlike beers from Lithuania, Russia and other such places, it didn't blow. Plus, there is one added factor that made this enjoyable. Ursus SA is a division of South African Breweries. SAB is the parent of Miller Brewing. And right across the label is the phrase "King of Beer in Romania." Most of us know the King of Beer phrase in association with Bud. So, HAH!!! Take that, Buttweiser!!! You beat down the superior Czechvar, now Ursus will take shots at you!!! Booyah!!! You WILL go down!

Reviewed: August 30, 2003

Rating: 6/10

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