Labatt Maximum Ice

Labatt Breweries


People drink this for one reason. The 7.1% alcohol content. And I'm convinced that Labatt brews it under the assumption that people only drink it in order to get drunk quickly, so who the hell cares what it tastes like. The majority of it's drinkers probably don't notice the colour as they just guzzle it straight from the can, usually shotgunning it. But I did pour it into a glass and noticed an amber colour to it. Usually I like beers that are this colour, it means that they've got some taste. This one has a taste. A vile disgusting taste that you won't be able to bear unless you drink it quick. But then isn't that the idea of a beer like this. I rated it one because I can conceive of there being worse beer out there, but I've yet to taste it.

Reviewed: September 13, 2003

Rating: 1/10

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