Corona Light

Cerveceria Modelo, S.A.


Why are you even bothering to drink beer? Just ask the bartender for something fruity and frozen from the blender, and stick an umbrella in it. Be sure to have him put salt around the rim of the glass, because everyone else does, and you always drink what everyone else does. If you drink this, you obviously don't like beer. Like they say at the Capitol Brewery, you just like to pee a lot. Go have a Smirnov Ice or Bacardi Silver instead. Don't worry, I won't think less of you. Actually, I'll respect you for admitting that you don't like beer. Just stop being a poseur. This is to beer like Avril Lavigne is to punk rock. But then again, if you're drinking this, you probably think she is punk rock.

Reviewed: October 04, 2003

Rating: 0/10

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