Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor

Mickeys Brewing Co


The name is a huge oxymoron. This is not fine. This is wretched. It came in a 24 oz "Silo," not the "Green Grenade" that we all knew and loved from our college days. Naturally, the whole damn thing tasted like the can. Not only that, but there was some kind of insect on the can "art." You know those flies with the green torsos that you always saw flying around dog turds? Thats what that bug reminded me of. Hows that for a wise marketing move? Putting a turd fly on your can. Anyway, if you can stomach 24 oz of crap, go for it. If youre a more discerning beer drinker, youre probably wondering why I even bothered with this. My answer? Scientific research. If we didnt have crap beers, we wouldnt know what to compare a good beer to. Now I know.

Reviewed: October 18, 2003

Rating: 1/10

I did it. Steve threw down the gauntlet, and I picked it up. After fortifying myself with a couple beers I knew for a fact were good, I opened a 24 ouncer of Mickey's (oh, yeah, baby--not even the wide mouth bottle). Curiously enough, it didn't absolutely suck rotten. And it wasn't as anemic yellow as I expected. I polished off the whole thing, having expected to have to pour it out and shave my tongue. Now this is far from a good beer. And I'm the only one around here charitable toward Lone Star, so some may find my beer reviewing credentials suspect. However, if you're chillin' in the hood with your homeys, and someone has this iced down, be assured it won't kill you to drink it. Word.

Reviewed: February 05, 2005

Rating: 1/10

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