Rogue Brutal Bitter

Rogue Ales


The brewers at Rogue should be compared to master Cordon Bleu chefs. To be able to come up with something like this is amazing. Drinking this was comparable to walking into a garden nursery. I spent a couple of minutes just smelling it, before even having a sip. It had a very flowery aroma, and I could detect a strong fruity presence, as well. Hard to place its origin, but it was there. Not like those light fruity beers that the micros crank out, more like something the brewer worked hard to put in naturally. You'll just have to try it to see what I mean. I drank this while watching "Die Another Day," and it actually made the movie seem a bit better (which is a feat in itself, because it is one of the worst Bond movies I've ever seen).

Reviewed: October 18, 2003

Rating: 9/10

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