Spanish Peaks Honey Raspberry Ale

Spanish Peaks Brewing Co


They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I say the road to good intentions is paved with novelty beer. I've found a few beers with fruit that didn't repulse me. This ain't one of them. It had a dominant raspberry flavor to it, but unfortunately that was about it. It fell flat both in character and effervescence. That was my biggest gripe, that it didn't have any character. Maybe this was brewed to get women to drink it. Maybe they really wanted the one-two punch of honey AND raspberry. Who knows? It was very easy drinking, but it bored me. I wish I had tried something more challenging. One of TOBP's forum readers was lamenting about Foo-Foo beers with fruit. This must be what he was talking about.

Reviewed: October 25, 2003

Rating: 3/10

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