Bavaria Brouwerij


I overlooked this for a long time but then heard someone say it was their favorite beer. I like to try new things..its imported, and has that bold symbol to let you know...the green bottle. (btw...don't be fooled by green bottles. that just means it will be less skunky than if it were in a clear bottle, but not much.) Not a whole lot to get excited about here. Typical pale yellow pilsner without much head, or much taste. If you love Heineken, get this instead and save two bucks on the sixer. If you love good beer, get something else.

Reviewed: November 08, 2003

Rating: 5/10

For the most part, I agree with Rocky's assessment, but since I don't buy Heineken regularly I won't jump for this either. The one characteristic that struck me was the similarity to Moosehead, which isn't so good. Moosehead, as you might recall, is the beer that's best known for smelling like skunk cabbage (which reminds me, I should be seeing that endorsement check from Moosehead any day now). It has that crisp European lager taste, quite drinkable, and even has a noticeable hop presence. But it will also have that smell. Ooh ooh, that smell.

Reviewed: April 17, 2004

Rating: 5/10

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