Crest Super Premium Lager

Crest Brewing Co


At %10 alcohol and less than $2 for a 500ml can, this is the perfect stuff on which to get drunk cheaply and in a hurry. And that's how I first heard of this beer. It's the number one choice of the gutter dwelling and alley way drunks in the city I live in. So what does it taste like? It could taste worse. It actually does have a legitimate hop taste. It's just that it's not strong enough to balance the high alcohol taste. There's no body to this beer. You're left with this burning alcohol taste in your mouth with not enough beer flavour to balance it. So yes it tastes bad. Kind of like if you'd spiked a below average ale with rubbing alcohol. But it's not as bad as say "Maximum Ice" or any of that other high alcohol beer the major breweries put out for you to get pissed on.

Reviewed: November 08, 2003

Rating: 2/10

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