Hereford & Hops Black Spring Double Stout

H and H Brewery


I'm glad I just got the 5 oz sample glass. Very thick. VERY thick. Maybe a bit too much. This had a noticeable coffee flavor from the deep roasted malts. Noticeable like a kick in the groin. My wife took a whiff, and a small sip, and that did it for her (she doesn't like coffee at all). I ventured a bit further, and in the background, on the back of my tongue, I tasted Scotch. No kidding. It gave the whole beer a very alcoholic feel to it. Not for the faint of heart. I'll be honest, I wasn't quite prepared for this, so it was hard to enjoy. Scotch flavor in beer always takes away from my ability to enjoy it.

Reviewed: November 15, 2003

Rating: 5/10

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