Allagash Tripel Reserve

Allagash Brewing Co


Cool bottle. 750 ml and corked, it pops off like champagne. It's hazy golden and forms a thick white head. This beer hides its 9% ABV very well...very flavorful. Its sweet at first, but finishes dry and a little spicy. Very complex, but interesting. This is an exceptional example of a Belgian Tripel, probably the best made in this country. Its not something you'll pound several of with a pizza, but I can see splitting a bottle among a few friends to sip on after a nice dinner. I feel a little strange rating it so high knowing that I'm not going to rush out to have it again soon. Although it isn't my favorite style, its still clearly a stellar beer.

Reviewed: November 22, 2003

Rating: 9/10

Tripel Reserve was a pleasing Belgian-style tripel to have on Christmas Eve 2008. Thankfully, I wrapped all presents before I finished it, or the kids would've been complaining, "Dad, Santa was drunk.....again." It's 9% abv, and is a nice deep gold color, with hints of citrus fruit and honey. I purchased the 750ml corked bottle, and because my cork was in use on a bottle of wine, I had to make the sacrifice and drink this in one sitting. Say it with me: "awwww, poor baby."

Reviewed: January 19, 2009

Rating: 8/10

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