Lone Star

Lone Star Brewing Co


Until a few years ago, this was only available in Texas and Louisiana, and college kids from the Midwest would go on road trips to get the stuff. Do you all remember the same phenomenon with Coors, which until the late 70s was only available west of the Mississippi? And it was so damn popular, and then they sold it everywhere, and then we realized it actually sucks? Same scenario with LS. This is an ordinary lager, albeit better than Coors. Folks, this ain't worth the effort.


Rating: 4/10

I'm gonna disagree with Steve on this one, up to a point. Yeah, it's an ordinary lager. But it's far superior to the dreck pumped out by Coors, Miller, and Buttwiper. Ice cold, it's a damn fine beer, perfect for wettin' yer whistle after takin' the wheels off yer home. Besides--it's the National Beer of Texas. What God-fearin', flag-wavin', Bush-worshippin' Texan worth his salt wouldn't drink this beer? And have you seen the babe on their ads? She is hot!

Reviewed: September 13, 2003

Rating: 3/10

Ok, we got it, it's made in Texas. The Nation of Texas, in fact. Of the many many many phrases on the label proclaiming it to be from Texas, the funniest is "The National Beer of Texas". Apparently egos are also bigger in Texas, along with "everything else". Anyhoo, the beer is not bad, but it has a nasty metallic aftertaste. Would I pick up a sixer to drink? Not bloody likely. But I also wouldn't turn one down if it were free.

Reviewed: April 23, 2005

Rating: 3/10

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