Rainier Beer

Pabst Brewing Co


My heart breaks that Pabst owns this beer now. I'm sure the taste has suffered, but I'm still sending the original review. This is a delicious beer. Absolutely caught me off guard first time I tried it. At $4.99 a twelve pack I figured it would just be the swill du jour. Uh-uh. This is clean, crisp, refreshing. Deeper golden color than the mass-produced "lagers" made by the Big Three. This beer is an undiscovered gem; and since you can only get it in the Pacific Northwest, Montana, Wyoming, and occasionally Colorado, hopefully it'll stay undiscovered, and not suffer the dummying down that Olympia did when it went nationwide. Do yourself a favor if you find yourself in the Northwest Rockies, seek this beer out.

Reviewed: December 27, 2003

Rating: 7/10

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