Whitbread Pale Ale

Whitbread Beer Co


As soon as I poured it into the glass the appearance reminded me of some earlier homebrew attempts to clone Bass. Then I tasted it and the disappointing feeling of not coming very close was also similar. A cut above the macros, but I won't go out of my way to buy it again. Although its my favorite style, this pales in comparison to most other English Pale Ales. Maybe because it's not really English anymore...it says this beer was first brewed in London in 1742, but now bottled in Cincinnati. Figures.

Reviewed: January 09, 2004

Rating: 5/10

Those of you used to American versions of Pale Ales will find this very different. It is fairly light bodied, not a lot of character and not all that strong. I could probably drink this all night long. As such, it really isn't all that great, because it's not all that memorable. If you're set up for an evening of drinking and want something you can pound back repeatedly, and still be different than other people, go for this. Note, you can get the same results from something cheaper.

Reviewed: April 10, 2004

Rating: 5/10

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