Molson Breweries


I have countless memories of seeing mullet laden hockey jocks picking up a couple of 24's of this stuff on weekends as they were undoubtedly planning to get "ill on the Pil" later. You could call this a trailer park beer. But it is more than that. Originally brewed by Sick's Brewery, this beer is a Western Canadian icon. You'll rarely find any sort of party, bbq, or camping trip out west that doesn't have Pilsner. And the mullet laden, pick up driving sort are the prime suspects for downing this stuff at a rapid pace. This is a light Canadian pilsner, so don't expect German or Czech style pilsner. It's got a straw colour and a decent head that dissipates quickly. Easy drinking but with enough flavour to prevent it from being boring. More carbonated than it used to be (likely due to the Molson takeover). I've got a sentimental warm spot for this beer, but it isn't a great beer. Maybe not even a good one. Decent though.

Reviewed: February 14, 2004

Rating: 4/10

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