Ommegang Hennepin

Brewery Ommegang


Damn this is good! So good I had to do a little research on Saison beer. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say that this one nails the style guidelines. It's fruity, hoppy, highly carbonated, moderately strong (7.5%), and refreshing. I can't wait to try this again.

Reviewed: April 10, 2004

Rating: 8/10

Well, I finally know who Hennepin is....he's the Belgian missionary who discovered Niagara Falls (for the record, that was probably discovered by the Iroquois hundreds of years before). There you go, buy Ommegang, get an education. This is a farmhouse Saison ale, but don't worry, livestock was not used in the making of this. This reminded me a lot of Duvel (in fact, I drank it out of my Duvel glass....say it with me: "Oooooohhhhh"), in that it was nicely effervescent, and, umm, I've got nothing. It was good, OK? That's all you need to know. Oh, and 7.5% ABV.

Reviewed: April 09, 2005

Rating: 7/10

OK, almost three years later, and I have to say this....reminded me a lot of Duvel? Jesus, those guys at Beer Advocate ARE right.....I really am an idiot (except for the one douchebag that called me a newbie, when he has 800 reviews on the internet, I'll let him talk). Anyway, I decided to re-review this, and I got different results. First of all, I actually now know what a Saison is. It is fruity, it's effervescent, and oddly, I think it'd make a good year round beer. Solid alcohol punch for the winter, but light body from the wheat for the summer. It had a slight sour background, and I could detect a number of fruit flavors from one sip to the next....grapefruit, and possibly even plum, but to be honest I'm near the end of a 750ml bottle, and it could be bay leaf wrapped around turd, and I wouldn't know it. OK Beer Advocate guys, is that better? Douchebags.

Reviewed: June 01, 2008

Rating: 7/10

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