Coopers Original Pale Ale

Coopers Brewery


All of Coopers skill at making a smooth, easy drinking ale must've gone into their Sparkling Ale, because this was missing something. I would've liked some bitterness to take away the sour, bad lemon taste that I kept coming up with. It advertises as bottle-conditioned, but I don't think it would meet the standards of a British Real Ale. Seems to be more of a mass-produced guzzling beer, because it had no character and too much of a water taste.

Reviewed: May 01, 2004

Rating: 3/10

I tasted sour lemons, too. Not much hop presence at all. That was when I poured it carefully into my pint glass, avoiding the sludge in the bottom. The taste was a little better when I swirled the next bottle and added the spent yeast, but it had the exact appearance of my grandmother's glass of Metamucil. Bleah.

Reviewed: August 19, 2006

Rating: 4/10

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