Abita Brewing Co


This is only available at the Abita Brewpub, and is then only in limited portions due to its high alcohol content. I'm not sure what style this is. It's served in a wine glass, is straw-colored with good clarity like a pilsner, and no head at all. There is a lot of sweetness, like a dopplebock, but the color is totally different and it finished really dry. Unusual. Very unusual. Wish the brewer had been there so I could have found out more about it.

Reviewed: May 01, 2004

Rating: 6/10

I bumped into this brew by sheer accident. We stopped in Monroe, LA, at R.J. Gator's, to have lunch en route back home to Texas. My wife saw this on the menu, so of course I had to try it. Our waitress was not helpful in describing it beyond the "9% abv", so I tried it without knowing even who made it. Pale yellow, looked and tasted for all in the world like a malt liquor, though not quite as harsh. Abita lists it as a dopplebock, but I didn't get any characteristics of that at all. Still, it didn't totally suck, and it paired well with a gigantic platter of fried grouper 'n' chips, so I wasn't unhappy with it. In fact, next time I'm feelin' in the mood for unhealthy fried things, I might just look for some cold AndyGator to help wash it down.

Reviewed: November 18, 2006

Rating: 6/10

Sometime in the last 4 years, AndyGator not only started getting bottled, but they started shipping it as far as Atlanta, where I had it on tap at Henry's, a Louisiana-style restaurant in Acworth GA. I ordered the incredibly spicey ettouffee, so something like their IPA might've gone better. Honestly, I couldn't finish it, not for desire, but because the dinner filled me up so much. If it is indeed a doppelbock, it's not a bad one, but not a truly great one. Bad choice for the dinner I had, but might've been better on its own as a dessert beer.

Reviewed: June 14, 2009

Rating: 6/10

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