Kinsale Irish Lager

Kinsale Brewing Co


It's late afternoon on New Years Eve, my team just won their bowl game, and I pulled this out of the fridge figuring a nice crisp lager would be good to start things out this evening. Good choice. Harp is probably the most popular Irish lager, and this is very comperable in quality. If you prefer a nice hearty ale, this isn't for you. If, however, you favor a typical lager, this is probably better than what you're used to.

Reviewed: May 29, 2004

Rating: 7/10

If you like the taste of N. American light lagers, but prefer to pay import prices, or if you REALLY like Bud or Coors but your buddies will think you're a tool if they see you drinking one, so you need an import, then have I got the beer for you. This came in a 10-pack sampler and was described as an Irish session beer. This means you pound the crap out of it all night long, with the only evidence being the empty bottles, pizza crusts, and a message from your girlfriend on the answering machine, reminding you that you were supposed to meet her and her parents for brunch an hour ago. So, unless you want to break up with your girlfriend, avoid Irish session beers.

Reviewed: July 10, 2004

Rating: 2/10

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