Jopen Bier


This is a Dutch "gruitbier". A gruit is a mixture of spices and herbs and is used in place of hops to add flavor and aroma. I guess that technically it's not even a beer since by definition a beer contains hops, but I wouldn't have detected their absence if the label hadn't told me. It's pretty a spiced wheat beer. It's not bad, but the fact that this very old style of brewing is all but forgotten says something.

Reviewed: June 19, 2004

Rating: 6/10

Honestly, I've never even heard of a gruit before, although it was the standard of brewing before hops were first used. This is a wheat beer that tastes like it had a lemon herb tea bag dunked into it a few times. Definitely an interesting flavor. I think it's also more of a summer beer, whereas I had it in mid-winter 2004. Proost!

Reviewed: July 17, 2004

Rating: 6/10

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