Leinenkugel's Red

Leinenkugel Brewing Co


Updated review: This had a distinct caramel taste, like Killian's, but not as strong. A pretty easy drinking beer, but a warning: Drink only if you know you are in a distribution region, or you may be drinking an old beer that didn't sell well....my mistake the first time I tried it. There was a slight bite to it, not quite bitter, more like a sour bite. Probably the breakdown of the sugar in it. I would recommend this, but try to drink close to the source (Wisconsin). Original Review: This has a color slightly lighter than Killian's, but not as strong or sweet tasting. Still, a halfway decent lager. It doesn't have that flat taste that the big brewers have, but it doesn't have the kick that most craft beers have. Comparable to Heineken in taste.

Reviewed: January 30, 1999

Rating: 5/10

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