Amsterdam Framboise

Amsterdam Brewing Co


As the name suggests this is one of those fruit beers (lambic) and in this case it's a raspberry flavoured beer. It comes in a nice ceramic bottle with a lovely story of how somebody created this lovely beer for their lovely wife or whatever. Enough to make me gag. I was sort of worried about some pink beer that'd look like a chick drink. But no, it pours a nice mahogany colour. I suppose you could say ruby red. But it's not pink and for some reason that was important to me. I liked this beer and I'd drink it again. It has a tart taste, not overly sweet. High alcohol content well masked. And yes it tastes of raspberries, but maybe not as strongly as you'd expect. Smells good, not at all like beer. This is a beer to be drunk on it's own, maybe after a meal. It wouldn't work well with food though. Although I could see drinking it with desert.

Reviewed: June 26, 2004

Rating: 8/10

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