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I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. I figured that being the most popular beer in Singapore was akin to being the most popular bathing suit in the North Pole, but this isn't bad. It's very smooth, but then so is water...a beverage this beer has a lot in common with. Maybe it's my fault for trying it in February, as I'm sure it would be a nice thirst quencher in the summertime. If you're in Singapore, enjoy! If not, don't dare pay import prices for this stuff.

Reviewed: July 17, 2004

Rating: 3/10

It's hard to turn down free beer, and such was the case when I was offered this while flying in Asia. Right away I'll admit that my enjoyment of this beer likely had more to do with the other Asian beer that I was exposed to on this trip, as opposed to this beer being great. But this beer was easy drinking and refreshing. It's kind of watery, but not Coors watery. Look out for this if ever traveling in Asia. And I can understand the sentimental attachment people who have lived in that part of the world have for this beer. I'm sure it goes great with spicy Asian food. But don't pay import prices for this. And it kind of bugs me that another mediocre import is becoming so trendy.

Reviewed: January 27, 2007

Rating: 4/10

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