Tie Die Red Ale

Park City Brewing Co


This has a play on words in the title which most Americans are too undereducated to notice, I'm guessing. You see, normally it's Tie Dye. In this case, it's Tie Die. D-I-E. As in Dead. Which means very little, but makes sense when you see the skeleton wearing a parka and skiing on the label. Skeletons, skiing and beer. Yup, exactly what I was thinking. I've grown to enjoy American red lagers, due to their usual sweet flavor from the caramel malts, but this red ale has more of an English hop flavor that dominates, and is not sweet at all. Foams like hell when you pour it in a glass, so it takes a while to drink. Good think it's decent, or I wouldn't wait for the head to collapse.

Reviewed: August 07, 2004

Rating: 5/10

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