Dogwood Pale Ale

Dogwood Brewing Co


I gotta say, take away the beer fart smell and you have a decent beer. Certainly much better than the Octoberfest they released last year (well, tasted as good, but the smell was better). This is exactly how an American pale ale should taste. I'd send some to Kris to sample, but he'd probably just sit on it for 3 years and finally ask me if it's still good, and if he should review it. At which point, he'd wish it would taste as good as a beer fart.

Reviewed: August 07, 2004

Rating: 7/10

Well, Steve was correct. I finally tried the beer he sent me, and yes, I called him to see what the floaties were, and if it was any good. Sigh... I tried it anyway, and was disappointed. It smelled ok to me, but it had a metallic taste to it. Odd, considering it was in a bottle. Out of fairness, I should try a fresh sample, but until then, the review stands.

Reviewed: November 27, 2004

Rating: 3/10

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