Brouwerij Riva S.A.


Because of the image of the Devil in Hell that's on the label, I think it would be sweet if they sold this at NJ Devils games. However, with the 8% ABV that this carries, do we really want 19,040 hockey fans smashed on this stuff? After all, they'd probably start acting like Flyers fans and tear the place apart, and do we really want that? No, didn't think so. So, sit back at home and enjoy this on your couch, with your feet up, and your keys tucked safely away. Don't worry, you'll get past the metallic taste at some point, once the alcohol kicks in.

Reviewed: August 14, 2004

Rating: 5/10

Hoo-wee! Try not eating anything all day and then polishing one of these babies off. Gives you a really nice feeling. That's all I have to say.

Reviewed: December 03, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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