Red Baron

Brick Brewing Co


Sometimes I like to do things often associated with skids, rednecks, and denizens of trailer parks. Mostly because a lot of them have to do with sitting around outside drinking beer. But they always drink such bad beer. So the next time I go down to the flea market, pull out my lawn chair, and sit in the parket lot all day, I'll drink this beer instead of Black Ice, Coors Light,Wildcat, OV, or whatever other swill might be asscoiated with such an activity. This is the everyday kind of a beer that would be great for something like that. It's a light tasting lager. Not red, it's gold in colour. Not at all watery, nicely carbonated, and a good tasting. Well balanced so there really isn't a disitinctive taste. It just tastes like beer. Clean, crisp, smooth beer. Not much of an aftertaste, just enough for you to want to take in another mouthful. And that's what sitting around drinking beer is all about. And I like sitting around drinking beer, but maybe I prefer my living room or the balcony moreso than the parking lot at the flea market. And I prefer a beer like this to the likes of Budweiser. And I live in an apartment, not a trailer. Well you get the idea. The differences add up.

Reviewed: August 14, 2004

Rating: 7/10

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