Carib Lager Beer

Carib Brewery Ltd.


So you get this beer, and you assume you're in for a bland lager that you can drink fast. A hot weather beer the likes of Corona or Sol maybe. If so, you are in for a pleasant surprise. This was one of my most exciting beer finds this year, mostly because for a long time I had assumed it would suck. It doesn't. When poured in a glass it has a foamy head which was my first clue that this might not be the beer I was expecting. It's real smooth but not watery. It has a full mouthfeel that I'd normally associate with a damn good ale, maybe even nitro dispensed. Doesn't taste like an ale though. The flavour hits in the aftertaste which has a nice citrus edge to it but with enough grain that it's not altogether fruity. It kind of has a weiss taste to it (the aftertaste I mean). Thirst quenching and good at the same time. Worth going out of your way to get.

Reviewed: August 14, 2004

Rating: 8/10

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