Brooklyner Weisse

Brooklyn Brewery


Unlike Steve, I'm not a big Weisse drinker. However, after trying this, I could definitely become one. Granted, it looks like a urine sample from someone with a bladder infection, but if you can get past that, it tastes pretty damn good.

Reviewed: August 14, 2004

Rating: 7/10

By German standards, this is merely OK, but by American standards for hefeweizen, this is simply awesome. Good out of the bottle or a weizen glass, this comes as close to the Germans as you can get without actually having a fat monk on the bottle. It has the yeast aroma, the nice malty taste, that banana background, it's just all around good. I even liked how the added the -er on the end of the name, to mimic the German brands (Paulaner, Franziskaner, etc).

Reviewed: September 05, 2004

Rating: 6/10

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