Cream City Pale Ale

Lakefront Brewery, Inc


Those of you who like the nice flowery hop aroma of American pale ales like Sierra Nevada will definitely like this. When going to Milwaukee, try to remember it’s not just Miller and Pabst, they also have craft breweries like Lakefront that care about you and your bowels. And in case you’re interested (which you’re not, but you know me, I try to educate), Cream City was an old nickname for Milwaukee, due to the cream-colored bricks used in many of the early buildings. You have to admit, it’s better than “The Good Land,” which is what the Algonquins called it (don’t believe me? Ask Alice Cooper).

Reviewed: September 05, 2004

Rating: 7/10

I'll be perfectly honest with you on this (because I've obviously been lying to you all these years): I can't remember what the hell this tasted like. I drank it right before going to a strip joint with Steve and our friend John, so you'll have to excuse me as I forgot about the beer quite quickly. I do know that after one of these I was feeling pretty good, but that could have been due to eating very little during the day.

Reviewed: October 09, 2004

Rating: 7/10

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