Aspen Edge

Coors Brewing Co


Yep, it's low carb. Yep, it tastes like shite. Same sour flavor, same dull colorless lifeless carbonated liquid as all the other low carb beer poseurs out there. But you look at the label and it takes a second to distinguish it from Busch Beer. So I wonder: is Coors being dumb like a fox, making their beer look like an Anheuser-Busch offering, to sucker people into buying it? Who knows. But what's interesting is, as bad as this "beer" is, it still was better than some of the swill I had the misfortune to encounter over a long weekend in Houston. Stay tuned, gentle readers.

Reviewed: May 29, 2004

Rating: 0/10

Don't drink this on an Aspen Edge, or you'll jump. I hit a wings place for a quick lunch and they were promoting the hell out of this. All I really needed was something to put the fire out in my mouth, so I figured what the hell...I'll try it. Of course, you get the beer well before you get any wings, so I had to suffer through it on it's own merits for a little while. Really, you shouldn't expect any more from this beer than it offers. It's like pretty much all the low-carb beers. It's pale, clear, odorless, and practically tasteless. Carbonated water with a touch of grain and a weird metallic faux bitterness. If you absolutely must watch your carbs, drink half a good beer instead.

Reviewed: May 29, 2004

Rating: 1/10

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