Lawson Creek Pale Ale

Lawson Creek Brewery


Gaaaaah!! My beer, why hast thou forsaken me?!? My wife had a free trip to one of her astronomy-geek meetings recently. We got to spend an excruciatingly long weekend in the armpit of Texas-- Houston. As a bonus, we got to watch it rain for three days straight, and were treated to the crappiest hotel service I've ever had the misfortune to endure. But that's not the fun part. Her meeting got over, we had free time, I dropped into a Kroger in a ritzy neighborhood and picked this up, among others. Back at our dump (a Hilton, mind you), I cracked open this beer once it got cold; at the first sip, I nearly had an esophageal spasm. Sickly sweet, not a bit hoppy, it tasted as if someone had added cane sugar to a Milwaukee's Best, put the cap back on and waited for some idiot to come buy it. To put it in perspective as to how bad this beer was: I had tried Coors' new low-carb beer earlier in the evening. After tasting this and pouring it out, and needing to wash my mouth out from this beer and my crummy experience in our crummy hotel, I went BACK out to the car, brought the Coors BACK in, iced it BACK down, and killed the rest of the six pack. Siiighhhhh...I should've known better. At $4.99 a sixer, I shouldn't have expected excellence. On the other hand, I should have at least gotten competence.

Reviewed: September 05, 2004

Rating: 0/10

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