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My father-in-law is a fishing guide, and people often leave beer on his boat. They always wind up in the fridge in his garage, so I check it out every time I'm in town and hope for the best. The selections vary from visit to visit, but they're usually all bad. Could've had Miller Lite, could've reached for a PBR, could've (but wouldn't have) had a Bud Light. I went for Dixie. It actually tastes a little like aluminum, although it was in a bottle. Otherwise it's a typical fizzy yellow lager with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Don't avoid the brewery, as the Voodoo line isn't bad, but don't get this if you've got any other options, and sadly that includes the big three.

Reviewed: September 05, 2004

Rating: 0/10

Okay. Ya gotta give 'em credit for something. A regional brewer since 1907, and Pabst hasn't bought 'em out yet. There may be a reason why, though. Bleah. I opened the bottle and took a whiff. Doesn't even SMELL like beer. Pale yellow and fizzy, but didn't even TASTE like beer. I remember having this as a youngster, and thinking it was pretty bad, but I don't remember it being THIS bad. Maybe my palate has changed. Maybe I just got a "green" batch. Just the same, I doubt I'll ever try this again. Sorry, I usually rip on hideous beers more, but I'm impressed by the fact they've had the stones to stay independent this long.

Reviewed: January 22, 2005

Rating: 0/10

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