Stone IPA

Stone Brewing Co


I find that anticipation can ruin some things. You wait a long time to try something and you can build it up in your mind so much that when you finally have it you can't help but be a little disappointed. Well, that didn't happen in this case...with this or any of the Stone beers I've finally gotten my hands on. Those guys in San Diego have got the best brewery in the country and you need to do yourself a favor and get their beers somehow. This smells awesome, if you like hops, and they hit immediately. Not overly bitter...more floral or citrus-like. Fantastic brew!

Reviewed: May 08, 2004

Rating: 8/10

In 2004 when Rocky had this, Stone was at the top of the pile where extreme beers were concerned. Their IBU's were well above what most breweries were putting out. 4-5 years later, they make a good beer, but I don't think Stone IPA is the unusual beer now that it used to be. If hops are your thing, you'll enjoy this beer, and the aroma was wonderful, but I felt they were lacking in the taste a little....the flavor didn't quite match the aroma.

Reviewed: January 23, 2010

Rating: 7/10

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