Stone Ruination IPA

Stone Brewing Co


100+ IBU's, 7.7% ABV. This beer is not for the faint of heart. In a side by side comparison with several other quality IPA's, this beer stood above the competition and was considered to be the best of bunch by some pretty serious beer drinkers. I loved this beer. I'm almost glad I don't have regular access to it due to it's limited distribution area. I almost believe them when they say that it could prevent you from being able to enjoy lesser brews. It's just such a big beer! There is so much flavor... it's almost unreal, and almost certainly unrivaled (although the folks at Dogfish Head and Victory would disagree). Despite the high IBU's it is very drinkable. If you like hops you've gotta try this beer no matter what it takes to get it. Find one of those online mail order beer stores and don't worry about the shipping's worth it. Also from the bottle, and quite fitting: A liquid poem to the glory of the hop!

Reviewed: September 26, 2004

Rating: 9/10

There's something that's just extremely cool about a painted label. Well, on good beers, at least, it certainly doesn't redeem crappy beers like Corona or Rolling Rock (assuming they still paint theirs). That's what Ruination is, a painted gargoyle on the side of a bomber-style bottle. Rocky is right, the high IBU's do ruin your tastes for anything else. I got this from Rocky in March 2004, and drank it while frying our Easter turkey in 2005 over the course of a couple of hours. This is a very big, very hoppy ale that just kills all your other senses (including eyesight, or at least the ability to keep the eyes open, thanks to the 7.7%, children have made me such a lightweight).

Reviewed: September 03, 2005

Rating: 8/10

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