Zima XXX Hard Black Cherry

Coors Brewing Co


I have a new favorite malternative beverage. I recall original Zima tasting like crap. This does not. This literally tastes like Black Cherry soda. It's excellent. Well, that's it for the drink. Now, the label: In very small lettering, it states "Ale in TX". Instead of calling this a beer, they now call it an ale. Hoo-whee!!! This almost qualifies Texas as Most Retarded State in the Union, unfortunately, Georgia holds that honor in perpetuity. And people make fun of New Jersey... Pfft!

Reviewed: April 03, 2004

Rating: 9/10

This latest offering from Zima is nothing more than alcoholic Black Cherry soda. In other words, it is a screaming call to drink for college girls who wish to drink for hours, get higher than a kite, and not have to taste anything offensive (at least, not before they leave the bar). As for the whole "Ale in TX" thing, I have no idea what they're doing. Sure, Georgia is full of dummies, but at least we don't call this "ale." And while I didn't get the stiffy that Kris did over this offering, I did think it was pretty good.

Reviewed: July 24, 2004

Rating: 7/10

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