Cassis Lambic

Brouwerij Lindemans


I never knew what black currants were until trying this, and now I'm not sure I needed to know. So far, this is my least-favorite lambic. Overall, not a bad beer, but the currant flavor provided what I referred to as an agricultural flavor, very earthy. Now, I'm sure the kind people of Belgium will argue otherwise, but earthiness is not a quality I look for in any beverage. Usually it's a flavor one associates with something a bully crams down your mouth.

Reviewed: September 26, 2004

Rating: 3/10

Wow, did this suck. When I'm sitting outside at night enjoying a campfire, I can pretty much drink anything. This crap, however, goes well beyond anything my body is prepared to put up with. Steve is wrong; this is a bad beer.

Reviewed: September 26, 2004

Rating: 1/10

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