Capital Kloster Weizen

Capital Brewery


I guess I need to hit the heavily German Midwest if I want to find a good Hefeweizen that's made in the US (either that or go to Brooklyn). Wherever Harpoon UFO goes wrong trying to pose as a Hefeweizen, this one goes right. It's got that beautiful color (yes it looks like a bladder infection, bite me), wonderful yeast, banana and clove aroma, and is definitely unfiltered (my mother-in-law, bless her heart, made a face and said, "there's crap floating in your beer"). Sure, it's not quite as good as Paulaner, but considering they'd just use the money to build up their war machine and invade Poland again, you're better off spending it domestically.

Reviewed: November 06, 2004

Rating: 7/10

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