Casta Bruna (Pale Ale)

Especialidades Cerveceras S.A. de C.V.


Casta deserves some credit for breaking the mold. They are the lone craft brewer in a nation of some pretty powerful mega-swill factories. This is their pale ale, but they also make a golden, dark, wheat, and even a Belgian style. With the climate such that it is in Mexico I expected their pale ale to be more like the ones we're used to from the western US, but not so; this is more like a British style. I was expecting hoppy, but this is well balanced. Nothing spectacular overall, but certainly drinkable and beats the hell out of the corn-water that it competes with down there.

Reviewed: November 27, 2004

Rating: 5/10

Not as sickly sweet as the morena (dark ale), but still didn't have the hops presence you'd expect in a pale ale. I read Michael Jackson's review right before I wrote this. Plummy?? Brussels carbonation?? At least he didn't say it had a creamy mouthfeel. Bleah. I didn't detect plums or Brussels anything, but I did detect a desire to try some other beer.

Reviewed: December 04, 2004

Rating: 4/10

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